New Musik: Miley Cyrus “Breakout” Album June 9, 2008

Pop Princess Miley Cyrus will release her new album” Breakout” on …….. CONTINUE READING


3 Responses to “New Musik: Miley Cyrus “Breakout” Album”

  1. keaton Says:

    Miley cyrus is so cool i was a big big fan! but when i found out what she did i ended up not listening to her music watching her show and took down all my miley and hannah montna posters. miley is a great singer but……………. shes lost many fans after the grose vanity pics and the pic where she shows her bra. So most ppl dont like her anymore so yeah. Miley keep on rockin but you have lost about 40% of your fans

  2. Shannon Says:

    Hi I liak This Album:) Reply To My Email,x!

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