Spokesmodel: Ciara Commercial November 27, 2007


Ciara, whose the princess of crunk & B along with Chris Brown are the new spokes models for Rocawear clothing line. The brand was created in 1995 by Jay-Z. Damon Dash & Kareem Burke. Since then, the company has expanded the urban line from sportswear to children’s clothes. I’m not a huge fan of Rocawear though. I think that the designs are outdated and the price points don’t match the quality of the fabrics. Check out Ciara’s commercial for “I will not lose” ad campaign. I enjoyed listening to her testimony of how she overcame obstacles in the music industry. What are your thoughts about the clothes and the ad?


3 Responses to “Spokesmodel: Ciara Commercial”

  1. Afrochic Says:

    Not a fan of the clothing line but I enjoyed Ciara’s testimony. She sounded sincere which is rare lately with these “artists” aka advertising spaces for rent.

  2. Hey ciara my friend love to see you so much ciara

  3. rusche Says:

    hey darling im your biggest fan

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