HAUTE HAIR: The Bob Cut November 16, 2007


Everyone is raving about Rihannas new hair style and color. It’s asymmetrical, edgy and glam rock. Young women are going to the hair salon and requesting to get their do done like the pop star. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham & Eve are also rocking this lastest hair trend. Mary J. Blige is sporting a new look on this months cover of Genlux Magazine. Blige’s Bob has more bounce because her layers were cut to curl in a stylish swoop. If you’re considering a funky new hair cut, be bold…get bobbed!

Do you like this trendy new hair do? Let us know


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8 Responses to “HAUTE HAIR: The Bob Cut”

  1. Jamie-lee Says:

    i like the hair styles on top.

  2. thuyAnn Says:

    thuyAnn loves you

  3. nura Says:

    i love the hair style

  4. Viola Says:

    i have a bob-cut!

  5. taranom Says:

    I dont like this hair cut

  6. paige Says:

    hi rhihaii my name is paige i am nine i real like your hair

  7. i think looks betterbecause she has a younger look and that is what america likes.

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